The best way to prepare for your entrepreneurial journey

ELD is a 16-week program for aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs to gain insights and mindsets to build successful ventures
We’re building a community of India’s most ambitious entrepreneurs to increase their odds of success and enable the next generation of founders shaping the future.
A structured cohort to learn critical mindsets and skills from serial entrepreneurs, operators, and leadership coaches who have built, managed, and advised multi-billion dollar startups.
A highly curated community and domain experts that’ll help you whether you’re fundraising, finding co-founders, hiring talent, or validating business ideas
Intimate in-person discussions with successful CEOs, operators, and investors with the likes of Kunal Shah (CRED), Lalit Keshre (Groww), Harsha (Swiggy), etc

Building blocks of ELD

Innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs who are all highly motivated to support each other’s success and learning
Masterclass covering 4 modules
In-person workshops
Uniquely designed and programmed with master classes, panels & fireside chats, and personal growth workshops

The ELD experience

ELD is a program for aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs to navigate -1 to 1 journey. We believe India is an exciting, multi-decade opportunity and want to enable future entrepreneurs.

Structured curriculum

Masterclasses on highly relevant topics to learn mindsets, best practices, and insights

Tightly knit community

Whether you’re fundraising, finding co-founders, hiring talent, or validating business ideas, this is the right place to find help.

Access to seasoned founders & industry leaders

Tune in for panels and fireside chats with successful CEOs and VCs from India’s startup ecosystem like Kunal Shah (CRED), Lalit Keshre (Groww), Harsha (Swiggy) etc

Guidance from the best entrepreneurs and coaches

Mukesh Bansal
Founding Partner
Sriram Kalyanaraman
Leadership coach
Module 1 - Setting Up

Entrepreneurship & Purpose
Entrepreneurial Mindsets I
Entrepreneurial Mindsets II

Module 2 - Building

Zero-to-one (win one thing)
Product Craftsmanship
Design Thinking
Brand: Product is Marketing

Module 3 - Growth

Strategy: Making Real Choices
Systems Thinking
Building a Growth Engine

Module 4 - Building the Org

Organisation as a Product
Leading and Managing Teams
Startup P&L and Fundraise

Elective Offerings
Practice circles

Participate and develop relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs to share experiences and develop an ongoing peer-to-peer support network

Office hours

Gain tactical, on-demand advice that you can immediately apply to your startup. Get paired with peers and expand your network

Frequently asked questions

This is for you, if

  • You are an early founder (idea to seed stage), having raised under $1M, OR you are a pre-idea founder, actively exploring one or more ideas with the intent to start in the next 6 months
  • You have a growth mindset (can demonstrate having proactively sought out learning opportunities) and collaborative spirit (seek to engage actively with peers and mentors)

This is NOT for you, if

  • You’re unable to commit the time and effort required (signup ONLY if you’re prepared to put in the work)
  • You are looking for cookie-cutter/tactical tools, rather than building long-term mindsets
  • You are looking for networking avenues, not learning and community

This is for you, if

You have an entrepreneurial mindset
You are deeply invested in learning and growth
You are passionate about something personally or professionally

More than 100 members are part of the ELD community. Many have started their companies, raised venture capital, and feel more confident in navigating their entrepreneurial journey.

Clarity for building a successful company

Vinay Kulkarni


Founder, Thryve.Earth

This network is the most engaged, thoughtful, and meaningful network I’ve encountered so far.

Diksha Dwivedi


Founder, YOSO Media

The programming is very well curated. From master classes to in person workshops to fireside chat with founders and VCs to habit circles, ELD has provided many opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Applications are open for ELD Cohort 5
Our community is growing as we launch an AI-focused cohort at ELD.